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I remember when I first downloaded Whatsapp, it was only my best friend and me on its contact list, but nowadays, there's no contact missing on that list.

This is not just a simple texting and calling app. This is definitely putting a milestone on our era, on our time. Whatsapp is putting aside the conventional telephones we had at our places. Not only that, it has made the mobile companies change their plans for customers since their texting and calls are of course, free.

And the big think you can download whatsapp for FREE! and there no ads on the app!

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We have to mention of course that today, this app, is known all-around the globe, everyone uses it and the company and their creator made millions out of it until sold to Facebook in 2014.

Remember when at first, getting in touch with someone you love who was far away was technichaly impossible? Or, when the first mobile phones came out, the plans for customers were way expensive in cases you wanted to talk to someone on the other side of the world? Well, those days are gone now.

Whatsapp App

Whatsapp was created for all of this, was given for free download and install on most of the operating systems on mobile devices, and users got used to it and because it is so easy to use, that's why everyone has Whatsapp and is part of their daily activity.

We've gotten to the point were people is no longer saying "text me" but, "Whatsapp me" instead. And of course, not only texting and calling is available, you can make video-calls as well, you can share a lot of media and in an easy way, you can use it for entertainment with stickers, broadcast messages, group creation, even deleting messages is a thing now.

You can also use Whatsapp to upload a status of what you are doing at that moment. Maybe share a video or a picture of where you are. That's why Whatsapp is now considered also part of the Social Media, and that's much more than an app.

Whatsapp Mobile App


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